Design basis
F.R.P. (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) equipment manufacturing is mainly based on the ASME RTP-1 design regulations or the domestic CNS11656 F.R.P. chemical tank (filament winding) regulations.
  Operating condition Important design considerations
Equipment endurance Chemical resistance Choose appropriate material to design and manufacture the product based on the nature and concentration of the content.
Weather resistance Provide adequate UV-resistance or acid rain resistance as per the clients’ request.
Equipment strength Operating pressure Conduct structural strength design in accordance with ASME RTP-1/CNS11656 regulations.
Liquid specific gravity
Geographical factors (wind/earthquake etc.)
External factors (base of the agitator etc.)
Structural factor Storage tanks are usually available in vertical/horizontal/tall configurations, and independent calculations are required for each to determine if its structural strength conforms to the safety coefficient.